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On Arrival

It’s like coming home

On Departure


Kiloran is the only place I can sound off without being condemned as ‘uncaring!’ I was able to do absolutely nothing just totally relax. Roll on next year.

Kathleen and Reg

Exhausted and ready for a break

On Departure


We feel much better, more relaxed, and loved being the ones that have been ‘cared for.’ Kiloran meets all our needs the staff do a sterling job. 


On Arrival

Tense, tired,and nervous.

On Departure


The experience has allowed ‘Me’ time, I have been able to meet and share with other carers, the break has given me the confidence that I can do things by myself, and I have had time to myself without feeling guilty. 

Paul & Sandra

On Arrival

We felt tired and run down

On Departure


We are leaving Kiloran as a home from home now, we feel relaxed, and pampered, it has been nice to speak to independent persons about our problems. The food and staff have been excellent ready to help and listen this has been a great week to unwind with no pressure put on us. 


"…may I also add that for myself the feelings of elation after a day out around London, shopping or sightseeing or going to a show or the cinema - such freedom and fun - special time - so exhausting and hard on the feet - but oh! The joy of being normal and carefree for a short time…"


"Respite - what does that mean to me? It is no cooking, no dishes, no ironing, no washing to do, no bathing, drying, dressing - all that goes with caring for the one you care for. Caring is that awful feeling of tension that is within you, that they might fall and hurt themselves and you cannot stop them. So for me, respite meant a complete change after 10 years. Kiloran was a magic word, a house any carer could go to relax where no one asked you to do anything, other than sleep, eat and do only what you wanted. To read, to sit in the garden, to wander round the shops, or go to the theatre. All in the comfort of home from home, where your brain could stop turning over with worry and for a short time you were free to be yourself"


"On April 7th I set off on my much awaited break to Kiloran in London. I must admit that I was nervous as I had never been away on my own before. When I arrived at Kiloran, a large cup of tea was waiting for me. I was shown my room which was lovely and bright with its own bathroom and TV, and tea/coffee making facilities, and there was a lovely big window looking over the street. Round the back there was a lovely little garden. It was so nice and peaceful. The meals were freshly cooked. I visited Madame Tussauds, the Sherlock Holmes Museum , and Westminster Abbey. I had an absolutely lovely time there. I didn't want to come home - like all good things it came to an end but it made me realise that there is life outside my own four walls. It was good to get away for a break"

Dorothy & Arthur

"I first heard about Kiloran at my Carers meeting. I watched the video and thought how nice it would be to have an normal "husband and wife" time together without any interruptions. Once we had secured respite for our son, it was easy to book into Kiloran. This was 2000, and we have been back every year since. I must admit to having "butterflies", but as soon as the door was opened, any doubts I had vanished and we soon succumbed to hot buttered teacakes and doughnuts. We are made so welcome, nobody stands on ceremony, and the house atmosphere is just so relaxing. We enjoy London - the museums for my husband, and people-watching for me. We go for a theatre matinee also. I am so appreciative of the real home cooking savoured at Kiloran - a mouth watering experience. Kiloran is a wonderful peaceful break for us - it is the chance once more just to have quality time for each other."


"I would just like to express my appreciation and thanks to Kiloran for the wonderful way I was looked after, and the care I was shown from the minute I walked through the door. I felt very welcomed and accepted. I was provided with a beautiful big room with ensuite bathroom, all my meals were beautifully cooked, and with lots of nourishment I felt alive again. My whole personality changed whilst I was there because I had no stress at all. I was given very clear instructions on how to get around London in the quickest, cheapest and easiest way. Kiloran is the best place for anyone, never mind the carers!"